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The Wheelhouse Arsenal is the premier baseball training and travel program dedicated to the development of the highest caliber baseball players in the Tri-State area.

Under the direction of former MLB Pitcher Aaron Laffey and his staff, the Arsenal program teaches and instills a love for the game that exhibits the best of what our players can be.  Wheelhouse Arsenal teams are made up of some of the finest players in the area and compete in their respective age and ability, from National PG and PBR Events to local rec tournaments.  


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The Wheelhouse Arsenal experience is like no other experience in baseball and the results speaks for itself.  Since inception, the Arsenal program has had one goal in mind, to not only create a better baseball player but an even better person.  In addition to the success on the field, the The Wheelhouse Arsenal program has been very successful in providing exposure to college coaches helping our players to receive college scholarships and not only play at the next level but also receive an invaluable education.  The 2020 class had all 15 players move on to play at the next level from JUCO, DI, DII, & DIII colleges and universities. 

our mission

While we take great pride in our many accomplishments, from seeing a current player sign a National Letter of Intent to play college baseball, or to our youngest 8U travel team winning their championship, the results are just a product of our main goal . . . PLAYER DEVELOPMENT!

To obtain these goals the foundation for our mission include:

  • Providing a comprehensive training program that enables​ our players to develop and maximize their God-given abilities.

  • Teaching the fundamentals of the game so our players know what to do in any situation

  • Sharing our passion for the game of baseball

  • Providing an uplifting, positive, and inspirational experience for all players involved. 

  • Teaching life skills that can positively affect the lives of every player, leaving them feeling better about themselves, building self-esteem and not only creating a better baseball player but a better person.

  • Educating parents, teachers, and youth league coaches on their responsibilities and the impact they have on our players perception of their own self-worth.


The Wheelhouse Arsenal program is dedicated to providing quality baseball instruction to players who are interested in maximizing their own personal potential.  The reward for this hard work is the game.  The Wheelhouse Arsenal has multiple teams at each age level, and while every player receives the same high quality baseball instruction, we align the level of play for each of our teams to their respective competitive ability.


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